Explain Medical Record

To Explain Medical Record

All of us have some Medical Records for which we want further clarifications. We are here to help you.

A Baby’s Medical Record could include
  • Body Weight : Want to know the ideal weight gain?
  • Immunization : Want to know if the vaccines are still due?
  • Weaning Details
  • Supplement food suggestions

We must understand that the baby’s weight must always be compared with the previous values and the increasing weight must be within the “Road to Health” and there should never be a drop in weight. The gain should not be excessive either. The infant is constantly growing and the weight gain is used as a reliable health indicator.

Vaccines are given on the basis of defined 'Immunization Schedules' that should be adhered to. Some vaccines are given as a single dose while many others require initial dose and then booster shots. For example, BCG is a single dose injection given within one week after birth in India. We generally give more vaccines at 6th, 10th and 14th weeks after birth. If you have any doubts about the need/ efficacy/ route/ benefit/ side effects of any of the vaccines- we can explain them for you.

The baby’s chart can also include how to wean the baby slowly from mother’s milk with suitable foods.

Fitness Certificate

Fitness certificate from an authorized medical consultant is now required while joining a College, at work, following illness, for travel, for driving license, for insurance etc etc. How should we get this? From whom/where should we get it? If we are already taking some medication, can we still obtain the fitness certificate? Should we check our eyes? our teeth? or know our blood group?

Blood group

Why do we need to know our blood group? Should our Driving License, ID Card include our blood group? We mention our blood group, along with the laboratory blood test in several of our records. This may be used for Identification purposes and in case of any emergency.

Identification Mark

We are often asked for visible marks to identify ourselves. This can be a scar or a mole in parts of our body commonly exposed like the forearms, face. This should be easily located. This should be a permanent mark.

Other Medical Records like BP Charts, Eye Examination Charts- Eg. Young wearing glasses for short-sightedness, older people with cataract etc, Nutrition Charts, Medicine Prescriptions, OP Medical Consultation Details, Surgery Details, Discharge Summary , Genetic Counseling, Emotional Quotient monitors, Hygiene, and all other types of wellness consulting can be done with us.