For Corporates

For Corporates

Any organization functions sustainably with good corporate responsibility. Every stakeholder contributes to maintaining the health of all individuals attached to the organization. We must have a generalised outlook to attain required health and safety standards.

Top Management involvement must include addressing the health needs of self and also the other employees. A sound mind in a sound body!
Health is Physical, Social and Mental Wellbeing.
And always- "Prevention is Better Than Cure". So if we anticipate and be proactive, we can achieve collective health.

POSH- Prevention of Sexual Harrassment in workplace is mandatory and this can be achieved by Awareness and training programmes with detailed records of the same

Form-17 is the format for maintaining Fitness Certificates

Maternity Benefits and ESI- Employee State Insurance Act is An Act to provide for certain benefits to employees in case of sickness, maternity and ' employment injury '

Prevention of Work-place Injuries is possible with (Man,Machine, Material, Manoeuvre)

  • Induction training to everyone handling the machine/equipment/instrument/device
  • Induction training to everyone handling the machine/equipment/instrument/device
  • MSDS, Chemicals Safe handling
  • Up to date Certificates Eg. Fire Extinguishers, Pressure Vessels
  • Ensuring Operator is Alert- Suitable working hours, tea breaks
  • Adequate Lighting, support systems
  • Constant Supervision

Infrastructure, Environment, Quality Management Systems all contribute to Health and Safety.

Periodic Health Checkup can be planned. Age-related Health issues can be monitored. Eg. Adolescents, Menstrual Hygiene, Cataracts in elderly.