Hygiene is the practice that preserves health.

Personal Hygiene is maintaining the cleanliness of one’s own self. Providing the needed resources is the responsibility of the Institution's Top Management.

Water availability is essential. Drinking water keeps us hydrated. Water for washing, and cleaning oneself and surroundings reduces contamination. Pipes and plumbing must serve the purpose.

Washrooms must be available and accessible. Privacy must be apt. Separate bathrooms for Males, females, and handicapped with pictorial descriptions for easy identification must be present. Lighting and Ventilation must be well-planned.

Prompt and appropriate Waste and Sewage Disposal should be ensured.

Good grooming of one's body, hair, and nails pave the way for protection from many diseases. We must clip our nails short. Hair must be coiffured and combed without any loose strands. Wearing covers, aprons, jackets, caps, masks, gloves, footwear and other personal protective equipment PPE helps.

In canteens, food preparation, and serving areas, there must be adequate facilities to wash and clean vessels, floors, surfaces,

In dining areas, appropriate furniture, and wash areas must be provided.

Whenever anybody sneezes or coughs- they must have a handkerchief/ cloth to cover their nose and mouth.

Eye hygiene should be enforced in industries, labs, etc wherever there is suspended dust particles, fumes, or smoke. Sprinklers with clean water for eyewash must be available.

Menstrual hygiene must be ensured.

Corridors, Pathways must be dry and should be cordoned off soon after mopping. Drainage of excess water, preventing water stagnation at all times, especially after rains is important.

Display of good practices and periodic training ensures collective responsibility to keep the premises clean. Signages in vernacular and with pictures can be placed near

  1. Drinking water supply to avoid spills,
  2. In Washrooms - to leave the toilet after using it - in a condition we want it to be when we enter,
  3. To 'Not walk over slippery surfaces.
  4. Wear PPE

Unattended Garbage, clutter, litter, wet clothes, and waste breed diseases. Human waste if left open is highly infectious. A dedicated team for housekeeping must be present. Breeding ground for flies like pools of water, food particles must be effectively cleared. Disinfectants, drying, and Sunlight could help in cleaning well.

Everyone must cooperate in ensuring the Hygiene of self and the environment.