Heal Zeal

Heal Zeal

Simple ways to preserve our health and enthusiasm to work

We can all consider ourselves healthy if we feel we have the energy and enthusiasm to work. The human body and mind are complex and are a combination of many organ systems like the Nervous System, Musculo skeletal System, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Gastrointestinal System, Excretory System, and Reproductive System. Each system has inherent, inbuilt, and acquired positive and negative influences that maintain equilibrium, overall homeostasis, and hence health. Our internal milieu is governed by nerves, hormones, and neuroreceptors. Endogenous opioids can be intrinsically secreted under various pleasant circumstances subjectively and this further keeps us happy.

By understanding the pathophysiology of psychosomatic diseases like migraine, impotence, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, constipation, low back pain, etc we can emphasize that we forget to experience the disease symptoms when we are happy and comfortable. The human mind is led to believe that we have been healed. This explains the placebo effect.

Often we experience a thrill when we embark upon something we like. We coax ourselves to reach home and relax at the end of a busy day. The thought of a loved one stimulates our desire to be with them. In emergencies, the adrenaline rush equips us to "fight or flight" the stress. Sleep is a natural healer. Relationships and bonding decide the prognosis of so many diseases including Cancer. Anticipation can increase our Heart rate, Blood pressure, Secretions, Sweating, Alertness, and Agility. Our perceptions improve when we are challenged. By constructively using these triggers, we can enhance our skills and performance.

Fear, anxiety, and insecurity can make any pain worse. This inhibits the healing process. We must realize that our entire body with all the millions of cells is interrelated and connected. For example, just the thought of receiving food, especially a favorite dish can cause anticipation, increased visual acuity, brighter vision, increased sense of smell/taste, increased saliva secretion, perspiration, increased appetite, respiratory rate and depresses sleepiness, nonchalance, indifference, urge to urinate/defecate, perception of pain. So our routine interactions and urges can go a long way in making us feel or ignore pain.

Our belief is a great factor in the course of any disease. When we have something good to look forward to after recovering from the disease, we heal faster. If we have the support of people, we want to humor them even if it means forgetting our pain. Rewards stimulate recovery. Protective instinct makes us believe that we are strong to protect those who depend on us. This is very evident during pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation phases. The need to protect, the maternal instinct safeguards the child in every way. A healthy pregnancy produces a healthy baby. It has been proved that an infant who is solely fed only his mother's milk for the first few months of life grows up to be a healthy, confident, and fit adult. This may be due to the bonding and feeling of security obtained firmly. Family attachment is a known curing factor. Relatives' presence gives us a reason to progress nicely. This has been studied in patients with Cancer who have a better 5-year survival rate.

Friends, colleagues, and peers can also provide us the incentive to become fine and stay fine.
So to heal, zeal is the key.