Fitness Find

Fitness Find


Mankind is unique. Survival of the fittest is true. So if we are fit - we survive, if not- we perish. This, if understood- can help us to see the means to stay healthy.

If we train ourselves to identify the factors that finetune our health, we can achieve wellness. But if we rather want to seek infirmity, we can find only that. We get influenced by our thoughts and feelings.
Subjective fitness defines health and defies disease.
A newborn can express only by crying. It cries when hungry, when in pain or feels discomfort. The baby is easily satiated just with the mother’s milk given with maternal love. The bonding cures the baby of its cries.

Similarly, we can each evolve our very own comfort zone even in adulthood. This can be our niche, our defense against disease

In Ayurveda, maintaining balance in our systems is the key factor for treatment. If there is any imbalance in Vatha (Nervous System), Pitha( Digestive System), and Kappa (Respiratory System), disease symptoms manifest. Regaining equilibrium gives a cure.

Our abilities can always overpower our disabilities if we believe that. Introspection done confidently can often provide us with a cure. Sometimes, feeling sick is the escape route we take to avoid something we cannot handle. We think that if we feel weak, we can stay away from our dreaded tasks. This justifies our sickness. But we have to recoup our strength and our health early. Otherwise, we may just remain sick.

Therapy and treatment are slightly different. Therapy can be done without any medicines at all. Just a chat, exercise, walking, listening to music, dancing, laughing, and eating can be effective therapy. First, we must try simple measures by ourselves before seeking professional treatment.

Finding Fitness is something we can all master with little practice.