Health Indicator

Health Indicator

In any institution, the health of the people there becomes a collective responsibility. As they share the same environment while working on-site or remotely, common health monitors can be evolved. Maintaining health is maintaining fitness to work. Simple parameters like regularity at work, attendance, and social skills reveal so much about an individual's health.

For Schools, it is important to understand every child's healthy progress and the parent's and teacher's role is pivotal. As the child grows, the height, weight, personal hygiene, and cleanliness can be recorded periodically. Psychological monitoring may become important in some children with domestic issues. Nutritional advice helps during this growing phase. Playing and Physical activity grooms the child. Team spirit when encouraged helps the child greatly.

Uniforms, Neckties, Shoes, Socks, Belts, and School Bags must be easy for the child to use. Labs, Access to Terraces, Electrical devices, and other accident-prone areas must be identified and suitably protected. Transport of children to school must be monitored and Road Safety Rules must be a part of their education. Children using public transport (bus, metro), and bicycles must be taught to foresee and handle common problems like falls, etc.

The importance of Drinking clean water, eating healthy, and maintaining personal hygiene must be instilled in every child.

Teachers must be familiar with identifying and handling common sicknesses like fever, and cold in children.

Often it is at school, we diagnose several health problems like eyesight defects (short-sightedness), slow learners, poor social skills, etc

The importance of Drinking clean water, eating healthy, and maintaining personal hygiene must be instilled in every child.

If any child has any handicap, the other children must be advised to be kind and extend support

Amongst children- Calling names (fatty, blindy}, ridiculing each other must be strongly discouraged.

Adolescents may be very sensitive to any criticism and teacher-student bonding can help overcome so many problems

The benefits of teamwork should be emphasized everywhere.

At Colleges, the students are at a crossroads and their decision-making at this phase directs their future. In addition to physical health monitoring, psychological and career counseling becomes important. Teachers trained to "Listen" to each student are highly recommended. Every student must be able to find their voice and express themself freely. Sports, Extra-curricular activities, Industrial Visits, and Excursions may help in honing them well.

First-aid Training, Fire Safety Measures, and Emergency Mock-drills can be conducted. "Ragging" in a safe manner can be allowed to help the seniors and juniors bond. Awareness about Blood / Organ Donation, Lactation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, etc can be provided.

At Manufacturing Units, The work environment must be ideal. Employee Safety is ensured by adhering to appropriate precautions. Occupational hazards are identified and preventive measures must be in place. Workplace injuries must be dealt with effectively and Corrective/Preventive actions must be recorded.

At Hostels Inmate's health depends on collective healthy practices. Adequate water supply, washrooms, ventilation, furniture, and other resources must be ensured at all times. Whenever one inmate falls sick, early isolation is advised.

At Hotels, and Restaurants As several diseases are food/water borne, food handlers must be fit to serve others. Personal hygiene is essential.

For every institution, the top management must be committed to maintaining a healthy environment.